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Souvenirs are more than soft toys and magnets. It’s about memories and gifts, meetings and appreciation. Our goal with this catalog is to give children, adults, Finnish and foreign tourists their favorite souvenir.


Nordic Souvenirs was founded in Sweden in and has expanded to Denmark, Finland and Estonia. Today we are the largest souvenir manufacturer in Northern Europe and in 2017 we put our full heart and soul in Nordic tourism, which has become meny tourists favorite.

Nordic Souvenir, originally named Allan Flink, started in 1939. In those days we sold woven and embroidered badges to tourist facilities in the mountains. 1985 bought Peter Zollner company and focused operations to souvenirs.

Today we are the largest souvenir company in the northen Europe. Through direct contact with our factories and a large stock Nordic Souvenir, can offer short lead times and the industry’s largest range of 1000 products in

With over 20 employees, we ensure good service and stability. Our sales staff works throughout the Nordic region. We have offices in Linköping, Järpen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our head office is in Linkoping and
the 3000 sqm warehouse is in Järpen 30 km from the ski resort of Åre.



Today tourists choose destinations with more care than ever before. Lazy days in the sun, in all honor, but today's tourists want to experience something extra. The tourist of today prefers a magic place to tune out and turn on senses, experience unique wonders of nature and be given the opportunity to grow as a person during the trip.

In the same way that tourists spend a lot of energy finding the perfect trip, we at Nordic Souvenir invest our soul in all our products and we are very proud of each individual product.

Behind every magnet, key ring, mug and cap you can find hard work with motif, design, quality, packaging and ethics. We know that you as a customer value to know that the products you sell in your store have not come at someone else's expense. We in the Nordic region are world renowned for our good design and Nordic Souvenir products are always made with selling designs and good quality. The basis of each production is our Code of Conduct, with the help of it, we ensure that all the goods you order from us are justly produced. 

A good souvenir brings joy to both buyer and seller, that’s is our key to a successful souvenir.




Nordic Souvenir AB - has developed guidelines for our suppliers in a so-called code of conduct. This is based on the UNCRC and the ILO Convention on working conditions and labor rights . This is because we must be sure that our souvenirs are manufactured under good working conditions.

In general, Nordic Souvenir demands on their suppliers to comply with all local laws and behave in a responsible and ethical manner regarding the relationship with the employees, environmental and safety awareness. 


Our customers come in all sizes, in diffrent industries and across the northen Europe.Common for our customers is that they show us confidence and return year after year. It’s actually very rare that a customer chooses to not
come back to us. We always try to go the extra mile to help our customers be more successful by choosing the right products and optimize exposure. A win-win situation. We have the products customers demand available in
stock and ready to be delivered quickly, that makes us the obvious choice.


1978 began when the young Peter Zollner employee of the company who Allan Flink started in 1939. Then they sold woven and embroidered badges with tourist facilities in the mountains. Peter worked hard, but also had the dream to change and innovate, not only the company but the entire industry.

With experience in the back Peter bought the company in 1985 and refocused the company to souvenirs. Thirty years ago, Peter made his first buying trip to Asia and since then over the years, he made over forty trips. In 2010 the company changed its name to what it is called today, Nordic souvenirs.

By shortening lead times and start trading directly from the factories Nordic Souvenir could start offering a wider range than before, start making customized souvenirs and keep a larger stock to speed up their supplies.

Today Nordic Souvenir is the largest player in the north in its sector, with 10,000's of products in the range and the annual turnover is over 35 million. Over 20 full time employees ensures you quality, service and stability. But the journey does not end here, Nordic Souvenir will always seek to discover exciting new markets and continue to develop new and better products.



HEADOFFICE & SHOWROOM, Gillbergagatan 40, SE-582 73 LINKÖPING
PLATSKONTOR, Flöjelbergsgatan 6, SE-431 35 MÖLNDAL
LAGER, Strandvägen 38, SE-837 31 JÄRPEN

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