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Nordic Souvenir has over 30 years experience in production of souvenirs from Asia. In addition, we have over 70 years experience in developing customized products adapted for sale.Together with our sister company we have extensive expertise and long expersience in creating products with custom design. We have a well-developed organization that takes care of the production of,your unique product, from product selection to design, proofreading, factory contact and delivery. We are happy to help your company, your club or your destination easily create your own unique products. 

Examples of products


In our catalog you will find a variety of different products. The products on the blue pages are products that we have in our inventory and have proven to sell well over the counter.

Once you have decided which products you think would suit your business, you place an order with your seller or directly to our order team. 

The seller, in turn, contacts out Custom Design Order Team, who only works with designing products. They are employed by and work exclusively with managing custom design in both companies. 

The order team will contact you regards to sketches and approval of proofreading. Together you will evaluate the design of the products you have chosen. If you are in need of graphic material, sketches or new motifs, we have both an artist and an AD working with the team. Art prosjects are offered separately.

Once you have chosen your final design and approved a digital sketch the order team will contact the factory that processes the order. 

In some cases, you may approve a photo sample. This is done primarily for products that are diffucult to illustrate by a sketch. 

We collaborate with factories all over the world, wich is why the delivery time will vary. We therefore recommend that you have a full-year perspective from idea to finished product in store. It will however often proceed much faster and you can have certain items as soon as 2 weeks after approved sketches. Time is an important parameter in the manufacturing of high quality products. 

If you want your products faster, we usally solve this by air freight at a slightly higher cost. 


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